Aquariums– Select The Best One To Enhance Your Surroundings

Nowadays aquariums are used as a show piece in many homes. These enhance the appeal of the surroundings. If you are looking to buy an aquarium there are many online stores like Come IntoThe Water and several offline stores from where you can buy the aquarium at an affordable price. These online stores of aquarium provide sufficient knowledge about fishes and other equipment related to aquariums.

Types of Aquariums

  • Fresh water tropical aquarium – Fresh water tropical aquarium is mostly used in homes as a show piece and can be used for research purposes. This aquarium generally includes fish, water, amphibians, plants and invertebrates such as crabs, lobsters, and snail. This aquarium is usually decorated with sand and gravel and a variety of other plastic materials.
  • Cold water aquarium – Cold water aquariums generally consist of fishes which are habitual of living in cold water like gold fish and koi. This aquarium is also generally used for research purpose and decorations.
  • Marine aquarium – These aquariums generally consist of salty water. Plants and fishes in this aquarium are habitual to saline nature. Marine aquarium requires more equipment as compared to fresh and cold water aquarium. This aquarium is mainly used for research purposes but can be used for decoration too.
  • Brackish Aquarium – This aquarium usually consists of brackish water. Brackish water is generally the mixture of sea water and fresh water. Brackish aquariums are one of the most expensive aquariums as they consist of top quality species of fishes like the fiddler crab, dragon goby, and shark catfish. These aquariums can be used both for decorative purposes and research purposes.

Types of fishes in an aquarium

There are thousands of species of fishes which can be put in the aquarium. Some of the common species of fishes have been discussed below.

  • Danios – These fishes are mostly found in South and South East Asia. The name ‘danio’ is derived from the bangle word dhani which means rice field. These fishes are the smallest species that are found in aquariums. They have patterns of horizontal strips and vertical bars which are the characteristic feature of these fishes.
  • Black Molly – Black Molly is generally known as a silent and peaceful fish and is mostly found in fresh water tropical aquariums. The size of this fish is approximately 5 to 10 cm. Black molly fishes are the most attractive looking fishes as they come in wide varieties of color and help in enhancing the looks of the aquarium.

There are many other popular species of fishes like the betta, platies, gold fish, white cloud, etc. which can be used as pets and can provide aesthetic looks to your aquarium. It is better to first do a research on the fishes and then purchase them as per the aquarium type that you are willing to get installed.