Beating Instagram at Their Own Game

Maybe you don’t know it but most social platforms are doing everything they can these days to lower the organic reach as much as possible. This first started at Facebook and after they took over Instagram the exact same thing is happening there. Having ten thousands of followers means very little if you have no way to reach them.

The reason for this is obviously motivated by money if you can’t reach people you got to pay for it, and that’s exactly what a company like Facebook/Instagram wants, as they need to make money to show profits to their investors.

It isn’t just limited to Facebook though, the exact same thing is happening at LinkedIn, we just performed a test where we connected with 1000+ people, spoke to quite a few of them and then published a lengthy very informative article. Two weeks later the article received four views, and that’s after sharing it on my Facebook page and Instagram.

That’s the funny thing about it, as soon as you share things from other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Snapchat on your Facebook/Instagram page the reach truly drops too drastically low levels as they don’t want you to link out to their competitors, makes sense although it isn’t very fair.

This isn’t even limited to social media anymore, yesterday I was looking up garbage disposers at and I only got a list of sponsored results with no pagination in place that would allow me to evaluate different types of brands, Amazon is a place where many vendors sell their products and with no organic reach the only way to reach people is by either ranking their product page in Google or paying for sponsored ads.

Is it All Doom & Gloom?

There are tricks to beat them at their own game, especially in the case of Instagram. Take TrustAdvisor for example, they review dozens if not hundreds of bots specifically made for Instagram and they can do everything a human can do, only 100 times faster.

It’s true that Instagram is fighting back by adjusting their API on a regular base, and sometimes even completely disabling it but while they do that the bot developers aren’t sitting still either and always find ways to work around it. One of the limitations that’s tough to work around is how many friends you can add per day or how many people you are allowed to send a message per day/week or month.

The solution to that is to open multiple Instagram accounts, some people run over a dozen using proxies and what not so that you can still grow your account at the max rate and then multiplied by 5, 10, or perhaps even 100, it’s all up to you!