Benefits of ECU remapping

ECU remap is a term used to refer to re-programming of the Engine Control Unit. The ECU is re-programmed using the OBD which is located on the side of the driver seat just below the steering wheel. To re-program the ECU, the driver should use the OBD plug which is connected to the ECU. This remapping is very important for both the driver and the technician. This is because it makes diagnosing the engine issues of the vehicle very easy compared to a vehicle that does not have this feature. There are several benefits that one gets from a ECU remap.

First and foremost, an ECU remap is beneficial when the owner of the vehicle has added performance parts to the engine of the vehicle. In such a situation, a remap is required to enhance the performance of the vehicle or to enable it to function properly with the newly incorporated parts. This is especially important of the vehicle is of a turbo type that requires electrically injected fuel. A remap in this case will be beneficial because such a vehicle will have massive power gains. Hence, to enhance its performance, a person may need to have a ECU remap done.

The other advantage of ECU remapping is the fact that it reduces turbo lag. Turbo lag is the experience a driver gets when they are stepping on the gas. If the driver feels like there are gaps when they step on the gas, this basically means that the vehicle is experiencing turbo lag. When this happens, ECU remapping is very advantageous because it reduces the turbo lag. This is because the process will also involve altering the fuel which is normally the main cause of turbo lag. Therefore is very advantageous for drivers and technicians to have this feature.

ECU remapping also increases the smoothness of the engine. Every driver knows that it is better to drive in a vehicle that has a smooth engine than one that is not. This is because chances of the car breaking down are minimal if the vehicle has a remap. This is especially important in a case where the driver or technician has added some new performance parts to the engine of the vehicle. This is because addition of new parts may lead to a rough engine if the vehicle does not undergo a complete Electronic Control Unit remap.

Last but not least, the remap helps in reducing the number of insurance premiums a driver has to pay. An insurance premium is the amount of money a person is supposed to pay each year if they want to keep the insurance cover active. One of the things that make a vehicle break down and not perform as expected is the engine. Therefore, if the driver gets an ECU remap now and again, he is able to spot issues before they become too serious. Therefore, at the end of the day they will not need to pay too much on premiums since the durability of their vehicle is assured in a way by the remapping.