Exprellia EVO – Should I Buy it Or not?

It goes without saying that the quality of any given espresso machine is gauged more by what it does than its superficial whim. Even with the whole range of espresso machines out there, it’s quite challenging to find one with a blend of both exceptional performance and fancy appearance. However, Exprellia is one machine that remarkably stands out tall in this aspect. I like the elegance and outstanding performance of this fully automated, compact espresso machine; it’s just great!

Virtually Fully Automated

The convenience that comes with automation is something that any espresso machine user wouldn’t like to let go. Other than having an automated grinder and brewing, Exprellia has automated frothing and milk as well. It indeed comes with a milk carafe that does the work of making the excellent froth of your taste with minimal input from you. If you’re one of those individuals with a perception that a machine can’t milk froth in the right manner due to some bit of skill required, then you’re likely to start seeing it differently after trying out Exprellia. You’ll soon be joining the lots of people out there enjoying the comfort of standing behind the froth that this machine makes with very little human input.

Make it recall your taste

One of the great features that I find fascinating with this machine is its ability to recall how you normally like your beverages prepared. This implies that just at the press of a button, you can have the unit prepare your drink entirely the way you want it prepared. I find this pretty good especially for us guys who are not very good at thinking in the mornings; in such a case, we can let the machine do it for us.

Self – cleaning capability

Disassembling and cleaning the large assortment of pieces and parts of any given espresso machine can be tedious and time consuming. Equally, fitting the pieces back together in a manner that will make the unit work properly the next day can be quite laborious. However, with Exprellia, this will no longer be something to be worried of because the unit auto-cleans once you’re done. Plus, the machine does auto-descaling hence saving you the time of doing it yourself every few weeks.

Real value for money

Spending lots of money on a low quality machine is the last thing that anyone of us would want to do with his or her hard earned money. Buying from a reliable source ensures you get a machine designed by original craftsmen hence guaranteed standards. Follow the link http://www.espressogusto.com/saeco-exprellia-evo/ for more on this pretty espresso machine that helps prepare great drinks with very little input from your side.