Instagram Marketing Basics you Should Know

There’s more to Instagram than posting and sharing your photos. In fact, Instagram is turning out to be a marketing tool every business needs to use. But, how to do you utilize it to get the results you want? Well, here is a rundown of the fundamentals.

Get the Followers

Of course, this goes without saying. As cliché as it may sound, you need to perfect the art of getting the numbers behind you. And there many ways of doing it.  One of the most effective options is to buy followers and likes. You want to create a certain level of engagement that will make potential followers start to notice you.  One that note, visit to read more about Automatic Viral a company that purports to sell Instagram likes and followers. The only problem is, its reputation isn’t the best so you should think twice before using it. On the flip side, you get to discover better alternatives to spur growth.

Connect with the Right People

You need to be mindful of the brands and people you connect with on Instagram to achieve success. Remember, you will need to improve your brand’s reputation and presence and who you connect with matters. If for nothing else, it helps you know what’s happening within your industry. That way, you can have an idea of the type of content to post and what is likely to get you the most reactions.

Mention your Influences

It is a good idea to give credit to the industry influences and any other entity that is influencing your business or brand. You only need to make sure that you are mentioning your influences in the right context. The timing and reason for the mention have to be appropriate. You can, for instance, share a photo you’ve recently taken with an influencer and so on. That way, you will get your followers excited and most importantly make them look forward to new developments; and that’s good for business.

The Bottom Lime

Marketing your brand on Instagram is a must in this day and age. Other than the strategies mentioned above make sure that you are using the correct hashtags. You need to consider utilizing trending hashtags but don’t ignore brand-specific hashtags. In other words, the hashtags you use for your marketing campaign determine how discoverable your content is. It also makes it easier to track the trends, shares and mentions you’ve created using a specific hashtag.