The Link Between Sleep Deprivation and Obesity

If you have done some research, you know that sleep is related in some way to obesity. Over the past few years obesity has risen to a new high, and among the contributing factors sleep deprivation has been seen as one of the contributing factor.

One of the problems that are becoming more and more common is insomnia. This basically means lack of enough sleep or a difficulty staying asleep. Some people wake up really early and fail to go back to sleep again.

So, how does lack of enough sleep affect obesity levels? The way that it works is that lack of enough sleep has a direct effect on appetite as well as the choice of food. Fatigue and tiredness drives you to go for foods that are high in fat and sugar as compared to choosing the right kind of food when you are alert.

Lack of enough sleep makes you moody. You won’t have the energy to head to the gym or to do any exercise because of the fatigue. Lack of exercise is one of the issues that contribute to obesity.

It Is Worse in Day sleepers

Those who work at night and sleep during the day form the group that is most affected when it comes to obesity. This group has a distorted sleep cycle, and most of them have nothing else to do except to wake up and go to work.

Sleeping during the day is hard, which makes such a person feel more tired than normal. Working at night also has its challenges that leave the person asleep.

How Can You Sleep Better?

There are various ways to sleep better than you already do. Most doctors prescribe sleeping pills that end up making it hard for you to sleep without taking a pill. At the end of the day you get hooked on sleeping pills, making the problem worse.

The best solution to better sleep, whether at night or during the day is to use sleeping masks from Relaxation Masks. These masks are made for the sole purpose of blocking out the light to help you avoid any distractions while you sleep. Make sure you choose the best size and fit for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Obesity is becoming rampant in the country. One of the reasons that have made this condition common is lack of adequate sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep each day to reduce the risk of this condition.