Social Media – The Stuff that People Love

People spend so much time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to enjoy themselves. For that reason, you have to post stuff that people love. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? There are still hundreds of thousands of people that get this critical component wrong so in this post we are going to help you to get things done the right way.

The people you admire

Share the love, you are not the only one on Instagram or whichever platform you prefer to use to share the one that you admire with your fans. Maybe there is a connection between you and your followers. Highlight that and use it to your advantage.

We all love statistics

There’s nothing better then getting the facts straight so if you run into an interesting infographic or a controversial study (those get most of the votes) simply re-post it on your wall and watch the reactions flow in. More importantly, ask them what they think of it, as when you don’t ask you don’t get. That’s how the world works!

Share present news

You don’t have to stay stuck in your own little corner of the world, if there’s some ground-breaking news people want to hear about it and you can be the first source to provide it, well perhaps not the real source but you get my point.

Add a healthy dose of humor

If you’re not a funny person don’t try to come up with something funny yourself but join some joke or fun groups on Facebook instead and use their material, the ones with the most laughing smileys will do fine. Just keep it healthy, don’t provoke your fans.

Mistakes are great

Admit your mistakes and show them that you are not perfect. Afterall no one is perfect so there won’t be a single soul to blame you for your mistakes. The only thing it does for sure is that it shows that you are human.

Post awesome illustrations

This can be anything really but keep it relevant to your niche of course. If you are artistic you can draw something yourself, on a napkin for example in a restaurant. Even if you’re not great at it post it anyway. Don’t be afraid of the reactions. It might make for a good laugh instead.

Partner with someone

It’s not an easy job to keep your audience engaged all the time so perhaps it’s time for you to partner with someone in your niche, two know more than one!

We already reached the end of this post and I hope it brought you some inspiration, if not perhaps take a look over here to see if there’s more you can learn about Instagram, perhaps automating it first to give you a headstart as when you have no followers yet it’s not very motivating to post continuously.