Straightening brush operating principle

Hair straightening brush is the hairbrush applied to a hair straightening under the influence of heat. The principle of action is similar to operation of usual straightener, but there are essential distinctions which allow this novelty to come in the first positions of hair care devices ratings. From this article you will find principle of straightening brush. If you already know about this and would like to purchase this great device, visit

At inclusion in the power supply network, the hairbrush is warmed quickly enough up to the necessary temperature (literally for several seconds). At the same time property of ceramic elements to carry out heat allows maintaining stable temperature during all operation of the device which has been chosen by the user.

Time of procedure depends on type of hair, their length, density, level of confusion, a wooliness and degree of a wave. The smallest amount of time is required for processing of short hair. The general running cycle of device hovers around 10 minutes.

Thanks to the tourmaline crimson covering, which is applied on a hairbrush, warm distributed on all working surface in the course of heating. It allows not to burn persons hair.

Also, due to tourmaline positive qualities, it is possible to distinguish synthesis of the negative ions, which is useful to health of hair and whole organism. And the level of the developed ions is very high in comparison with the ionic productivity of ceramic elements.

Influence by negative ions or ionization allows removing the saved static electricity on hair, which promotes electrization of a head of hair and gives the mass of an inconvenience (for example, it will not allow you to make high-quality laying.)

Ionization promotes the correct distribution of moisture on a hair core at thermal treatment. Therefore the head of hear becomes silky and brilliant. Moisture content does not allow hair to split and reduces wooliness degree.

The main benefits of hair straightening brush.

  • Stability of result. The effect of the straightened silky hair remains long enough.
  • Double effect. The electric hairbrush allows for straightening the hair and reducing its electrization.
  • The hairbrush can be used by owners of both long and short hair. There are no restrictions on types of hair.
  • The hair straightening brush form is most similar to habitual massage hairbrushes. Therefore the device comfortably located in a palm. There is no need of use of extras.
  • Use of the rectifier in the form of a hairbrush saves time and money.