Want a clean floor? Try ILIFE V5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I decided to renovate my house the other day to choke the monotony that overwhelmed it. My house reeked of familiarity and lethargy, and I could not resist the urge to redecorate it. The thought of waking up to the same view was dreadful, and so I called professionals to do it for me. They steadied the fractured structures and threw out my old curtain because they spoke of 1989s. They gave the house a new coat of paint and installed a hardwood floor.
Currently, my house is warm and cosy; the renovations are impressive, and they complement my love for trendiness. I adore the hardwood floor because there is something beautiful and quaint about it. However, cleaning the floor became an exhaustive endeavour, and consumed a lot of hours. Luckily, I found ILIFE V5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner,which I can proudly say that it is the best robot vac for hardwood. At present, I just worry about other house chores and leave the floor for ILIFE. Why do I recommend the use of ILIFE V5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

It has water tank

One thing that caught my attention was the fact that ILIFE came with a water tank. What’s so fascinating about the water tank? Well, while using the ILIFE I found that water tank provided an automatic damp moping spa for my hard wood floor and eased the washing and the dry mopping process.

They have reasonable prices

I have dealt with other robotic vacuum cleaners, and one thing about them is that they were more expensive than ILIFE. I bought my ILIFE for $160 and saved more than $200. Buying the ILIFE was never a misadventure to my tight financial plan.


The design is marvellous and bears an enigmatic beauty that is hard to overlook. I was enticed to its stylishness and the sophisticated gold shiny finish on its exterior. ILIFE robotic vacuum is shaped like a large disk a unique feature that enables it to go underneath furniture. The shape also ensures it takes a tiny amount of storage space. It is also designed to run on a battery and has sensors so it can automatically find the charging station when it’s running low on power. I usually keep the charging station in an accessible area where the ILIFE can easily find it.
ILIFE also comes with a specially designed brush head that enables it to pick up pesky dirt and particles from the carpet. Do I worry that it will fling itself down stairs or bang into furniture? NO, the robotic vacuum is smart and has clever sensors that enable it to control itself.


When I first heard of ILIFE, I thought it involved intricate processes and required cutting-edge know-how. I was wrong! The settings are simple, and all you need is to set them correctly. Sometimes the robot got stuck with cutters and wire in the house, but that stopped when I got rid the clutters. I come home to a shiny clean house thanks to ILIFE V5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.